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“Stop acting under the pretext as a moral voice of Liberia”-Mr. Koijee

by Zechariah Jigbeh

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) National Secretary General, Jefferson Koijee, says the former Chief Executive Officer of Spoon Network, Stanton Witherspoon is acting under the pretext of a moral voice of Liberia.

In recent months, Mr. Witherspoon has become a strong critic of the Weah-led Government’s achievements in a series of radio broadcasts.

In reaction, Mr. Koijee, at a news conference on Monday, May 29, 2023, said historical records show that Mr. Witherspoon does not have the moral rectitude to question the credibility of the government.

He noted that the former Spoon Network CEO is not a messenger to convey such a message to Liberians, owing to his recent criminal record.

The CDC Spokesperson also said: Already, Mr. Witherspoon is facing a serious character deficit for being indicted by the US Court on multiple counts of felonious charges related to money laundering and wire fraud.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jefferson Koijee is cautioning Liberians to be aware ahead of the political season that politicians will engage in blackmailing in an effort to sell their candidacy.

The CDC Executive noted that the opposition community has done nothing tangible to convince Liberians to vote for them.

He dismissed reports that the US Government is displeased with the Weah-led Government, noting that the US has since expressed confidence in the ruling administration.

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