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‘Blooming Beyond’ – BRI Enhancing Quality of Education in Nigeria’s Ogun State

by Francis Pelenah Jr,

Monrovia, Liberia – In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), CGTN, collaboration with its global media partners has launched a documentary series known as ‘Rising with Pride’. Over the past decade, BRI’s philosophy has become deeply rooted in people’s hearts and minds, bringing profound changes to the local people’s lives and countries’ developments.

This episode tells a story of a retired Nigerian headteacher, Mrs. Akinboade Yetunde Abimbola. With the establishment of the Ogun Guangdong Free Trade Zone (OGFTZ), people’s lives in Igbesa village in Ogun State have been greatly improved. The China-Nigeria Friendship Model School, which was established in 2012, is popular among residents. The motto inscribed on the school emblem reads that “Knowledge Is Pride.”

Mrs. Akin, the former headteacher, wholeheartedly dedicated about 12 fruitful years to this institution, and even after retiring, her affection for it remained unwavering. During a nostalgic visit, the new headteacher, Mrs. Gbemisola Olufunke Ajo, warmly welcomed her, and Mrs. Akin found solace in the well-organized campus and the exemplary behavior of the students. The “seeds of knowledge” sown by both China and Nigeria have firmly taken root here, and with each passing generation, the teachers diligently safeguard this honor, wholeheartedly nurturing young minds and patiently awaiting their blossoming.

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