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Lofa County Senator-elect Vows to Work in People’s Interest

by Joseph Sayon

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Lofa County Senator-elect says his representation at the Liberian Senate will focus on the welfare of the Liberian people.

Mr. Momo Cyrus vowed that he would not support a Senate that will put its interest above that of the people’s, at the county level.

Mr. Cyrus said:” I will not compromise acts that will undermine the betterment of Liberia, and will only support policies and programs to improve the welfare of the Liberian people.”

Senator-elect Momo Cyrus told ELBC Super Morning Show on Monday, October 30, 2023, that he will robustly speak for the Liberian people in the Senate, but in a more professional manner.

Mr. Cyrus strongly asserted that Lofa County is lagging behind in several development initiatives, and believes that the leadership of the county before and now should take responsibility for the deficiencies.

He also said he is working with stakeholders in the county to make the county’s roads pliable, which can be more challenging during the rainy season.

The astute Businessman turned politician considers Lofa County his passion, and says he will do all he can to influentially transform the county known as the “bread basket” of Liberia.

The Lofa County Senator-elect defeated the incumbent Senator, Steve Zargo, in the just-ended October 10 Legislative Election.

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