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Liberia’s Agric. Minister Reaffirms Gov.’s Support…..

by Maximilian K. Kasseh jr

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Liberia’s Minister of Agriculture has reaffirmed the Government of Liberia’s support towards addressing threats of climate change in Liberia.

Dr. Alexander Nuetah said: “The National Legislature should implement the Paris Agreement on Climate Change by using the forest to mobilize support for the execution of Nationally Determined Contribution.”

Speaking on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, at the start of the Global Environment Facility Expanded Constituency Workshop, Dr. Nuetah lauded the international organization for its support of Liberia.

The four-day workshop is organized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in collaboration with the Global Environment Facility.

Participants of the gathering are from Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Sierra Leon, Nigeria, and Liberia.

B y: Rachel G. Kollie

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