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Liberian Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs Vows to Take Action…

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The Liberian Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs has vowed to take action against those nominated to Ambassadorial positions who failed to come for confirmation.

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Darius Dillon, said:” The action of the nominees who have already begun work without confirmation is a violation of The Liberian Constitution.”

Senator Dillon added that the Committee will take legislative measures because nominees continue to undermine legislative functions.

He maintained that no one nominated to a confirmation position should immediately begin work if they have not been confirmed by the Senate.

Senator Darius Dillon made the statement on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, during a confirmation hearing for three nominees from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At the same time, two nominees at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have assured the Senate of their commitment and dedication to serve the country.

Liberia’s Chief of Protocol and Ambassador-designate, Antoinette Wolo and Bob Sheriff said they will work along with their colleagues to improve protocol in the country.

Ambassador-designate Bob Sheriff said if confirmed he will work towards the improvement of Liberia’s image abroad.

The Liberian Ambassador and Chief of Protocol Designate have vowed to serve with integrity and dedication and bring pride to Liberia if confirmed.

By: Sampson David


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