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State Broadcaster Director General Presents Progress Report to Pres. Boakai

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MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Director General of the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS), Eugene Fahngon, has outlined the achievements of the system’s major achievements made in the last three months.

Mr. Fahngon named the refurbishment of damaged towers, maintenance and repair of radio and television equipment and studios, vehicles, and the entire facilities.

Mr. Fahngon described the meeting as symbolic, which is intended to solicit support for the smooth operations of the State Broadcaster.

He lauded members of the Management Team for their collaboration and dedication in ensuring that the entity remains functional, despite the huge stockpile of debt accrued from the previous administration.

Director Generation Eugene Fahngon, however, craved the support of the Government of Liberia in revamping the LBS to ensure the efficient and unhindered dissemination of information to the citizenry.

Responding to Mr. Fahngon’s presentation, President Joseph Boakai reassured the Management of the LBS of the Liberian Government’s support in taking the State Broadcaster to the people.

President Boakai said: “With such support, the State Broadcaster can effectively propagate programs and policies intended to shape the country for the better.”

The Liberian Leader said the country will continue lobbying with partners and goodwill individuals to achieve this feat.

He commented on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, during a meeting with the Management of the LBS at the Executive Mansion in Monrovia.

The Liberian Chief Executive extolled the Management Team for the efforts made so far in helping to educate the Liberian people.

At the same time, President Boakai is calling for the support of the citizens and the Government officials in reclaiming and rebranding the country’s image.

He said:” The image of Liberia can be rebranded with collective action and dedication from all involved, despite political affiliations or social status.”

The Liberian Leader maintained that Liberians deserve improved living conditions and livelihood opportunities, but massive corruption and greed have over the years denied citizens such benefits.

President Joseph Boakai re-echoed the Government’s readiness to meet the needs and aspirations of the citizens that elected them.

By: Vasta Tarlue



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