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EPS frowns at Senator Dillon over alleged refusal to abide by state security protocols

by Varflay Kamara

MONROVIA, LIBERIA – The Executive Protection Service (EPS) has described as unacceptable the continued disrespect for established security protocols by Monsterrado County Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon.

The EPS said Senator Dillon’s refusal to observe and abide by protocols at functions ,especially when President George Weah is in attendance, is troubling.

According to a release issued Monday, February 1, 2021, the EPS’ statement followed Sunday’s scuffle between Senator Dillon’s bodyguards and an EPS officer during the County Meet final, at the SKD Sports Complex.

The release is quoted as saying Senator Dillon, without regards to the protocols, instructed his personal guards to ignore and bypass security to enter the VIP stand.

According to the release, Senator Dillon was also told that every lawmaker entering the VIP section was there without a personal security, especially when the designated security does not have a ticket.

Meanwhile, the EPS said the refusal by the Monsterrado County Lawmaker to adhere to security guidelines resulted in a fracas, which led to an EPS officer sustaining injury and breaking of the glass at the entrance of the SKD.

Meanwhile, the Head of Joint Security Operations, Marvin Sackor, has clarified that Senator Abraham Darius Dillon was never denied entry to the Stadium as insinuated by the Senator.

Col. Sackor said:” It was the Senator’s bodyguards who were denied entry to the VIP Stand for security reasons.”

The Deputy Police Director for Operations said since Senator Dillon threatened to order the stoning of the President’s convoy last year, security officers, including the EPS, are being on high alert.

Col. Marvin Sackor said: “The EPS officer who tried stopping Senator Dillon’s security entry to the VIP stand, where the President was already seated, sustained injury.

He described the situation as embarrassing and called on Senator Dillon to be law-abiding at functions where the President is present, instead of creating unnecessary tension.

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