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BAO CHICO Mining Company Apologizes…..

by Maximilian K. Kasseh jr

GBARPOLU COUNTY, LIBERIA-BAO CHICO Mining Company has apologized to the people of Gbarpolu County for failing to live up to the agreement between it and the county.

BAO CHICO General Manager, John Jallah, has agreed to rehabilitate roads and provide safe drinking water to the people in the coming months.

Mr. Jallah said:” The delay in the implementation stage of targeted projects was due to the just-ended Presidential and General Elections.”

In remarks, the Spokesperson of affected communities, Blama Moore, thanked the company for the latest commitment to live up to the agreement.

According to ELBC Gbarpolu County Correspondent, the BAO CHICO Management made the commitment over the weekend during an assessment tour by the Senate Joint Committee on Mines and Energy, Labor, and Concessions in Gbarpolu County.

By: Sampson David

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