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Liberian Gov. Signs Agreement with Commercial Banks…

by Varflay Kamara

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Liberian Government, through the Civil Service Agency (CSA), has signed a partnership agreement between commercial banks, affirming fifty- percent payment of civil servants’ salaries before the end of each month.

It says commercial banks have pledged their unwavering support to provide a fifty-percent Monthly Salary Loan Scheme to those dedicated to public service.

According to a release issued over the weekend, the initiative is a bold step towards enhancing financial stability and prosperity for civil servants.

The scheme, according to the Government, will also provide civil servants access to an advance of fifty percent of their monthly salaries with a three percent interest rate.

The initiative, championed by the CSA, represents a collaborative effort between the Liberian Government and the Banking Sector to uplift the financial well-being of civil servants.

In a recent meeting with representatives from five major commercial banks, CSA Director General, Josiah Joekai, described the banks as essential partners in Government’s financial ecosystem.

In another development, CSA Director General Joekai says lifting a freeze for Direct Replacement at Spending Entities aims to address critical vacancies promptly and ensures continuity in essential services.

Director Joekai said:” The decision reinforces the commitment of the Liberian Government to effective resource utilization in fostering transparency and practicality within the CSA.”

The CSA Boss reminded Heads of Government Ministries and Agencies about Section 2 of the Civil Service Standing Orders of 2012, requesting them to notify the CSA about the number and types of vacancies within their respective entities.

According to a recent release, the steps and procedures for fulfilling direct replacements serve as a vital precursor to initiating the replacement process.

Mr. Joekai said:” Following the notification, the CSA will engage with the Ministry of Finance to ascertain the available and requisite funds for the proposed replacements.”

Meanwhile, the CSA Director General is urging Heads of Spending Entities to adhere to the outlined protocol as the CSA is committed to upholding the highest standards of governance and accountability.

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