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Former President of Liberia Bank for Dev. and Investment sues…

by Fabine W. Kwiah

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The former President of the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) has instituted a two-million dollar lawsuit against his former employer at the Civil Law Court in Monrovia.

Francis Dennis’ civil action implicated the Bank and its former President, Deo Delaney, as first and second defendants in the case.

Cllr. Arthur Johnson, who is representing Francis Dennis, filed a twenty-five-count action for damage for slander and libel, accusing the Bank Management of engaging in slanderous and libelous campaign to defame his client’s reputation.

Cllr. Johnson claimed that the second defendant, Deo Delaney, in his capacity as President of the LBDI, shamed his client as one of the Bank’s top twenty-five deficit borrowers on a local radio in November this year.

He further said:”LBDI was informed about the wrongful conduct of Mr. Delaney on December 7, 2022, because the statement violates the rules and guidelines of the Bank, as well as the Central Bank regulations.”

Meanwhile, Civil Law Court Judge, Schaeplor Dunbar, has issued a Writ of Summons for LBDI Management and former Chief Executive Officer, Deo Delaney, to appear in court on January 2, 2023.

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