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Pres. Weah Maintains Lead from Nat’l Elections Commission’s Progressive Results Release

by Varflay Kamara

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Progressive results released by the National Elections Commission (NEC) Sunday in the Presidential category have maintained incumbent President, George Weah, of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in a slight lead for the third day running.

In Sunday’s results, the President obtained the total votes of five-hundred-ninety-three-thousand-five-hundred-fifty-eight votes, constituting 43.80 percent.

Main rival former Vice President Joseph Boakai obtained the total votes of five-hundred-eighty-nine-thousand, nine-hundred-ninety-seven votes, constituting 43.54 percent.

The vote margin of three-thousand-five-hundred-eighty-one constitutes 0.26 percent in favor of the incumbent President Weah.

Meanwhile, eighty-thousand-nine-hundred-four invalid votes have been recorded so far by the National Elections Commission as tallying continues.

At the same time, the Commission of the regional bloc, ECOWAS, has criticized attempts by some candidates, political parties, and stakeholders to declare premature victories, following the October 10 Elections.

According to the ECOWAS Commission, such action puts undue pressure on the National Elections Commission (NEC).

A recent release quotes the regional bloc as calling on all political parties and candidates to continue to exercise maximum restraint, as they await official provisional results from the NEC.

The ECOWAS Commission reminds political parties and leaders of their commitments under the Farmington River Declaration on a peaceful electoral process, which was endorsed by the ECOWAS Commission and the United Nations.

It reminded Liberians of West Africa’s invaluable role in Liberia’s conflict resolution and peace-building efforts, including the loss of lives of ECOWAS Community citizens.

The ECOWAS Commission further reminds Liberian politicians of the important role the UN and international partners have equally played in post-conflict Liberia, including the current electoral process.

Meanwhile, the ECOWAS Commission has threatened to hold accountable all stakeholders, including political leaders as well as the National Elections Commission and the s, for security services, for any actions that may lead to violence and insecurity.

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