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Suzan arrested at Robert International Airport

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Vlogger/Blogger Suzan Gbangaye posted on her page that due to an emergency yesterday, she decided to go back home to Australia. However, while on her way back, she was denied entry and treated like a criminal by the immigration and some members of the Liberian National Police (LNP) right at the airport and was later taken to jail for 3 hours.

Suzan Gbangaye

According to her, the arrest was issued by CIC and his team. The writ is now considered a criminal writ. She stated that due to the situation, she has gotten the Australia government involved.

She said:

“I was on my way home yesterday due to emergency
While at the airport I was deny passage and treated like a criminal by the immigration and the Liberian national police @RIA and was taken to jail for 3hours. The new writ that was issued by cic and his team was a criminal writ.

Due to the situation yesterday the Australian Government has gotten involved”.


#CIC is upset that #Suzan has accused him of being responsible for the death of the late #Quincyb, who died two-years ago in a fatal car accident. #CIC and #Feoulskaba are two musicians who almost lost their lives. After the accident, many fingers were pointed to the Kolo-kool rapper, and according to some closed source, #CIC has gone into depression for what was going on in public.

#Suzan went live on her page and asked a question saying “Did CIC killed #QuincyB?”


According to reports, she did not make a statement but rather it was more like a question.

When Suzan got to Liberia, to finally meet her boyfriend #Stoneluckshine, her trip was interrupted with a court paper which was issued by #CIC!! Her boyfriend Stone later took to his Facebook page to report that if anything was to happen to his woman, CIC was to be blamed because he had send some of his boys to look for Suzan.

News later on hit the public that Suzan was in hiding, however, Suzan then posted that the news is untrue and that she’s safe. The Singer again served Suzan to appear in court and then later on took some cops to arrest her, while she was being interview by Rickslyn Myers on her show.
Some people had accused Ms. Myers for setting Suzan up for the arrest because she’s also best friend of CIC! Ms. Myers had said that she was innocent.

Suzan later reported that the arrest couldn’t hold due to her lawyer fighting her case. Suzan and her boyfriend later came online and said that the charges CIC has issued were dropped and that they were thankful to God.

The case was actually dismissed by Judge William G. Saygbah cause he claimed the case wasn’t a criminal case to warrant a lawsuit. He also claimed that it will be a total contradiction to the president decriminalization of free speech.

Today, Suzan has found out that CIC and his team were plotting new ways to prove to her that nothing were dropped! From our reliable source, Suzan has contacted the Australian government and they have mandated the Australian Embassy in Ghana to send a representative for Susan’s case.

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